You may have heard about the vampire facelift before. It’s an outpatient cosmetic treatment using something very natural – your own blood. Now, vampire treatments do much more than refreshing aging facial skin; they can help lift your breast tissue and improve the shape of your bust.

As we age, our skin’s elasticity deteriorates, making it more difficult for it to stand up to gravity. This causes wrinkles, sagging, and duller-looking skin. Women have had great success with vampire facial treatments giving them firmer, more youthful skin. This same concept is being used to improve the look of aging breast tissue – with very little risk.

What to Expect During a Vampire Breast Lift

Vampire treatments, also known as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments, have been around for some time. Originally acclaimed for their effectiveness in treating sports injuries and back pain, PRP has recently become equally effective for cosmetic purposes.

During a PRP session, your doctor will take a sample of your blood. The blood goes into a centrifuge, where the platelets are separated from the rest of the blood. The platelets contain key proteins and building blocks that your body uses to heal itself. Separating concentrates the platelets, increasing their ability to help your body heal.

The platelets then are mixed with an activator and injected back into your body, wherever treatment is needed. For orthopedic patients, this would be at the injury site, but for breast lifts, the platelets are injected into your breast tissue.

How it Works

  1. PRP works because the platelets essentially trick your body into thinking you have had a minor injury.
  2. Your body then sends essential growth factors to the site, promoting the production of collagen, fatty tissue, and more blood cells.
  3. As your body creates more of these, your skin becomes firmer and appears more youthful. You’ll notice your skin improving over the course of a few months.

Who Should Get a Vampire Breast Lift?

PRP treatments take very little time and have a low risk for side effects. Usually, the procedure takes under an hour. Unlike invasive surgery, such as traditional facelifts and breast augmentation, there is little to no down time. The vampire Breast Lift is great for women who have had breast augmentation before and want to maintain their shape of their implants as they age. It’s also a great alternative to plump up sagging breasts that have started to lose firmness. Vampire breasts lifts also can lessen the appearance of scars from prior surgeries or injuries.

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