Pain Management

How to Deal with Pain

Acute and chronic pain have a drastic effect on how you feel. Not only do you suffer directly from the pain, but it also interferes with your quality of life. If you are experiencing pain either from a specific injury or an ongoing issue, pain management is essential. MedX Medical Clinic is the top pain management clinic in Plantation and Broward County.

Chronic pain is caused by a variety of issues. But no matter the cause, it affects every area of your life. It impacts your productivity, reduces your mobility, and negatively affects your mental and emotional well-being. Working with pain care specialists means you will get a customized approach that identifies the cause of your pain and minimizes it using a variety of approaches designed to suit your health and lifestyle.

Back Massage or Therapy


Therapy is an integral part of the pain management and rehabilitation process. Therapy programs include physical therapy and exercise. Both serve to fortify and accelerate healing and progress

Additionally, patients might participate in emotional or cognitive & behavioral therapy. These serve as an emotional support tool that helps someone in pain better deal with the stress and hardship that so often accompanies these conditions. It is especially helpful for issues with chronic pain.

The pain management doctors at MedX Medical Clinic have the experience and training needed to help you deal with pain. Whether your pain was caused by a specific incident or injury, or you have ongoing pain issues that are linked to another health problem, we can help. Our goal is to help you deal with pain safely, effectively, and in a manner that best suits your lifestyle.

We understand that not all pain management techniques are right for everyone. Everyone’s body and approach to healing are different. Just because something works for one person does not mean it will work for someone else. We take a customized approach to creating a pain management plan that is right for you and helps you return to a life you love.

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